Adding Comfort and Colour

Any house or apartment may be unwelcoming to those moving in at first, but personalizing each space can make it a place where residents and visitors want to congregate on a regular basis. For those who find they have mismatched pieces, brightening up spaces can bring them together. Even small touches can be successful when adding comfort and colour to any space, and it does not have to be expensive.

Moving into a furnished apartment can seem a bit dreary because the furniture is designed for longevity instead of style. Couch and chair covers are a relatively inexpensive way to add colour, and that can make them more welcoming. For those who find covers unsuitable, adding small pillows that bring out the background colours in the upholstery can bring warmth to seating areas. Changing the pillows around can also vary with the seasons for an additional touch of warmth while enjoying the freshness of variety as each season passes.

Photos and art on the walls are nice, but small tables often look more appealing with their own photos or small sculptures. Many shops today offer picture frames in a variety of colours, materials, sizes and shapes. That black and white photo that has been cherished for years can stand on its own with a funky frame in a bright colour. It will draw the eye and make guests feel they have been invited to their own viewing when it is placed in a public area of the home.

Comfort is important in today's busy world, and pillows everywhere can add their own feeling of luxury while helping to set the mood in one room or the entire home. Chairs and couches are obvious destinations, but adding a few extra to the beds can also bring residents that extra touch of belonging they might be missing.