Adding Homely Touches

Creating a space that feels like home often has little to do with the structure or the furniture of a residence, and small pieces of décor are often what give the house a lived in feeling. Pillows on chairs and sofas are one way to add a splash of colour, but bedspreads and even pictures on the walls will make a huge difference. Rather than being a space where someone lives, it will be a home when the small touches are all added.

Personal tastes should always be considered when creating a space to call home, but the wall colours might not be quite right. If a person owns the home, they can paint the walls any colour they like. Renters must get the landlord’s permission to paint, so they might not be able to choose their own colours. Making the walls feel right is not always difficult, and adding pictures, art pieces and even small items to the wall can turn it into a personal space.

Colour is an important part of decorating, but neutral colours in large pieces of furniture is now the norm. Adding touches of colour with pillows can be a good start on personalizing a space, but throws are another way to create a homey touch. They can be spread across chairs, sofas, beds and even tables to create the right feeling. For those who have rented or purchased a space with existing furniture, decorating with pillows and throws can turn a nice room into a place to really relax and live.

Texture can be part of making a house into a home, so looking for pieces that will fit into the décor can be a happy challenge. Remodelling spaces is occasionally necessary for adding texture, but even finding different textures in wall hangings, pillows and small art objects can turn a flat and boring room into one that shows of the personality of the occupants.